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What’s Kuwinda?

Kuwinda makes building admin interfaces quick and easy. It’s a self-hosted platform that you can use to for any database driven apps from SaaS through to marketplaces.

You can do so without needing to write a single line of code.

What is an admin tool?

Typically admin interfaces are internal tools that are used to allow customer services, product, compliance and other internal teams get to your the data in your application’s database.

They are typically built almost from scratch. However, we’ve found that in general they don’t get as much love as they should despite being a critical component of running tech businesses.

What can I use Kuwinda for?

You can use Kuwinda to:

  • Manage compliance workflows
  • Client on-boarding
  • Update profiles
  • Change payment plans
  • View user activity
  • Ongoing support of your users or clients

From updating a user’s phone number, email address or plan on a SaaS platform to managing disputes and transactions on marketplaces.

Find more ideas and guides in our Inspiration section, and take a look at the Kuwinda blog.

Who is behind Kuwinda?

Founded in London, UK by Camilla van Klinken and Duncan Malcolm in 2018, we’re a proudly small independent team with open transparent values.

Who is Kuwinda for?

Kuwinda can be used by any app or software that uses one of our supported databases.

However, our sweet spot is really helping SaaS, marketplace and transaction driven businesses.

How much does Kuwinda cost?

We’re going to be releasing our pricing soon.

How hard is Kuwinda to set-up?

Duncan our CPO who has almost no knowledge of linux or docker was able to set it up in 15 minutes. If you can follow simple install instructions you should be fine.

What do I need to run Kuwinda?

Pretty much any computer or server that will run Docker should be able to run Kuwinda (excluding Windows). Have a look at the install section for full details.

Can I integrate Kuwinda with my application?

Absolutely. Kuwinda plugs straight into your application database and gives you full control of all of your data. We don’t have any access and you run everything on your infrastructure.

Kuwinda should run on any system running Docker. Installation should only require a few commands and requires minimal technical knowledge.

The only exception to this would be any version of Microsoft Windows which we do not currently support.

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